What kinds of games are available?

Literally every game or betting environment that you can imagine is probably available from one or more casino affiliate programs. The most common games include: • Slots or pure-chance games. • Poker, Backgammon, and other skill-games. • Sportsbook wagering to bet on a variety of sporting events. • Keno, Lotto, and other number choice games. • Card games such as blackjack or casino war. • Dice games like craps or pai gow. Some casino operators focus on only one or two games, while others provide a large selection of games for referred players to choose from. Even within each game type there are usually a range of options available, ranging from complimentary “free” tournaments, small-bet tables, large-bet tables, and even huge tournaments featuring thousands of players from around the world. Because there are so many different kinds of games, it's important to select the casino that suits your website visitors and referred traffic best.