What kind of methods can be used by casino affiliates?

There are numerous imaginative ways that individuals can be an affiliate. Some of the most common techniques include: • Building a player portal, providing information on all varieties of casino games as well as reviews of strategies and best venues. • Creating an online player journal or blog which provides accounts of games played, strategies used, or experiences with different casinos. • Building an email list for players to get inside tips or secrets of how to play specific games or play against others. • Offline techniques such as direct mail, advertising in newspapers or classified listings, or even posting leaflets at community areas. • Creating a forum or user community to discuss games and schedule tournaments or events. • Build massive “farms” of small content sites that are designed to climb search engine rankings and drive visitors directly in to affiliate programs. Many affiliates use one or all of these methods, as well as their own variations on these to build their visitor base. Almost every day someone comes up with a new marketing method or campaign, and some of the oddest methods or unique approaches can actually produce valuable results. Fundamentally, it all comes down to marketing prowess to become a powerhouse super affiliate.