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Buying fake social media followers is a waste of money

Buying fake social media followers and likes isn't just a waste of time, it's an extremely poor business strategy that isn't worth the cost. Here are a few real facts about fake followers ... Read more

Is Instagram a Good Fit for Casino Affiliates?

Making the most of image-based social media like Instragram can be a challenge for casino affiliates who are used to texted-based marketing. Here are some tips for converting players from this hot social platform. ... Read more

Is Twitter a Viable Tool for Casino Affiliates?

Twitter is a social media platform that has more uses for casino affiliates than most of us might think. This is especially true for maintaining customer relations. ... Read more

Develop Social Media Content That End-Users Actually Want to See

Social media sites are a great place for finding new customers, so long as you're developing content they actually want to see. Here are some tips for dominating the social space. ... Read more

Using Instagram to Snare Conversions and Boost Your Brand

Instagram might not seem like the best social media fit for casino affiliates, but if used correctly it can be another tool in your arsenal. Here are a few tips for making the most of Instagram. ... Read more

Three Social Media Mistakes Practically Every Business Makes

Social media success is pretty tough, even when you're not making these three incredibly common social blunders. Fortunately, all three are pretty easy to fix. ... Read more

What's the Secret to Creating Social Media Engagement?

The secret to creating the kind of engaging social media content that really captures hearts and minds is to use a bit of psychology. It's nowhere near as hard as you might think and doesn't even require a psychology degree. ... Read more

When's the Best Time to Buy Paid Social Media Traffic?

Opportunities to purchase social media traffic are all over the place these days, but when is the best time to pull the trigger on them? Here are a few times when buying traffic is a great idea. ... Read more

Creating a Social Media Plan That Actually Works

Social media is an essential part of any digital marketing plan, but it's definitely not a plug-and-play option. Here are a few tips for getting your social plan on track. ... Read more

Study Reveals Social Casino Player Profile

2015 was a mixed bag for the social casino vertical. While their overall numbers were down, their hardcore players spent more than ever. ... Read more
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